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performance 'typing' // das ad hoc, 2021

the performane 'typing' was developed for the exhibiton 'corona culture' at alte münze berlin. a collaborative project of the poetry collective 'das ad hoc' and the visual artists kleo kreitz and jonas jacobsen, visitors were invited into an immersive reality of moving images and language.

performance '' at ursula blickle lab, karlsruhe, 2021

this performance was originally developed for the exhibiton '' at ursula blicke lab in karlsruhe in nov 2021. it's based on two texts, 'forever dolphin love part I + II', which explore the self as a (gender-)fluid chimera. the performance was composed of two video loops and a reading.

digital performance 'forever dolphin love II' for &SHY magazine release, 2021

for the release of the 4th issue of ­ magazine.

poetry installation 'entschuldigung, würdest du bitte eine weile an mir riechen?*** // lyrikfest hannover

this walk-in sound installation was created for the poetry festival 'gegenstrophen' at literaturhaus hannover in 2018. it's based on the text and accompanying soundpiece 'entschuldigung, würdest du bitte eine weile an mir riechen?***

hannah schraven
poet and artist
lyrikerin aus Berlin

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